We are very excited to announce that our foreman Ben Moir is the winner of the 2017 Roofing Association of New Zealand’s Roofing Excellence Award, recognising high achievement in the industry. Ben received this prestigious award at the association’s annual conference, held in Rotorua in June.

benDescribed as an exceptional foreman, Ben, has recently completed a 24,000 square metre, seven month contract at the Port of Tauranga where bird proofing was required for the 276m long building on the portals, roof purlins, top and bottom cord and wall girts. Design of these various solutions for bird proofing and ensuring they worked was down to Ben as no actual drawings had been provided at tender time.

His commitment to health and safety for his team on the job is always a top priority and one of his recent projects won a national award for Ben from Fletcher Construction for using his initiative in placing edge protection around a full work area and having controlled access onto the roof.

What sets Ben apart from the rest is his manner with people, always ensuring that clients and other sub-contractors on site are happy, communicating in a very professional manner. A role model within Harkin’s work environment, Ben is a mentor for younger staff members who sometimes seek his help and support over personal matters because they respect his opinion and value his commitment to them.

Congratulations Ben, we are very lucky to have you on our team.